AEM website for a leading US Shipping & Supplier

Client: AEM website for a leading US Shipping & Supplier

Timelines: Jul 2017 – Jun 2018

Project description: Providing the AEM DAM solution to help the client in transforming their digital business. Worked on the customization of AEM authoring environment and building utilities for search DAM using QueryManager to list the resources and providing filtering options ability to delete and download as ZIP and also download reports.

  • Worked with team on building the utilities and reports to deliver on demand.
  • Worked across the Dev, stage QA and Prod to deliver the smooth solution.
  • Developing DAM solutions
  • Working on OSGI Services
  • Working on Sling servlets and creating DAM Utils to access the DAM
  • Customizing the AEM Authoring environment
  • Developing Custom Search util for DAM assets with pagination and delete & downloading assets as Zip

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