AEM Guides

AEM Guides implementation for US Medi Care Client

This initiative was one of the most significant undertakings of its kind at HealthCare Client. The launch of the MVP marked the first public digital experience release by their recently established Center for Digital Health. Our team’s capabilities were incredibly influential in guiding Client’s teams through their agile transformation journey, resulting in impressive outcomes. Client Sitecore migration to AEM with AEM Guides addon, The content was migrated in DITA with various delivery channels, such as AEM Web pages, XML for premium content delivery channels (a custom delivery channel) to convert the DITA maps into a client JSON format, and posted to another application, PDF, or HTML5.

I worked on building AEM page generation from DITA using the DITA OT plugin with a custom solution to fit Client requirements. A custom solution to generate AEM Pages using an editable template with core and custom components using the DITA OT plugin. Build a conversion of DITA Map to Content Delivery API supported by JSON format and post it to Custom API using a review approval workflow to third-party API with rich text and voice variants.

  • Worked on the custom editable template with a supported style system.
  • Custom component development with Mockito.
  • Design and development of content delivery channel for client custom JSON for third-party medical clients from DITA to JSON with rich text with multimedia and voice variants.

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