Load Dispatch Center (Internship at AP EPDCL)


       Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power distribution company Ltd (A.P. E.P.D.C.L.) monitors Transmission and Distribution of power in eastern regions of AP. It has power usage limit of 2000MW, if at all it exceeds the limit, A.P.TRANSCO charges penalty to APEPDCL on excess power consumption. Ultimately the penalty collects from power consumers on yearly wise.

Existing System:

  • EPDCL follows power cut process to regulate the power consumption through phone call to substation authorities without maintaining load relief history.
  • The system has some constraints like exemptions to Industries, Agricultural, and Irrigation.
  • The operator doesn’t maintain proper load reduction history to cross check with meter reading (MR).

Proposed System:

In this Load Monitoring Cell, we are going to build an application software to assist power regulating operator
  • To apply load reduction and maintains history of load reductions, so that no successive load reductions to a substation, by sending an SMS to a particular substation authority.
  • At the end of the day the application will generate Reports and Graphs based on load applied to different substations.
  • Based on reports we will conform the load reduction went correctly or not.
  • APTRANSCO gives orders to EPDCL for emergency load relief then EPDCL people give load relief to substations using TRANSCO LR.
  • This application supports the administrative maintenance.

Functional Requirements:

Load Relief:
Inputs: Substations , load, duration, contact details
Outputs: Substations undergo LR life cycle states,LR history log file, SMS delivers to substation contact numbers
Input : Circle, substation, date and time, duration, reason
Outputs: Substation undergo LR life cycle states,LR history log file, SMS delivers to substation contact numbers
Input: Feeder attributes, Substation details, circle details

Output: Update database and reflect these updates to corresponding UI

Hardware Requirements:

• Hard Disk    –   40GB
• RAM       – 1GB
• PROCESSOR – Pentium 4 and Higher Processor

Software Requirements:

• OS   –    Windows XP and above
• Web technologies – HTML, JS, JPS CSS, AJAX, JQuery
• Frameworks – Struts 2.0
• Web server – Tomcat 6.0 and above Eclipse (Helios)
• Development tool – ecllipse
• Database – Oracle 10g

ER – Diagram:

System Functionalities:

  • Load monitoring and dispatch 
  • Transco Load Relief 
  • Administrative service

Load Monitoring and Dispatching: 

Transco LR

  •  In this LR is applied by AP Transco
  •  This LR applied to a particular Substation under a circle
  •  Other parameters are Reason for Date and time

Administrative service

In this the Administrator can able to mange the Gateway settings and Block period of Load relief.
  •  IP address of SMS gateway where it located
  •  Port on which port the gateway service is running 
  •  Block period of the Load relief

Class Diagram:(Model classes)

Class Diagram (logical):